Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Ask Online Lawyers!

These terms and conditions outline the rules and regulations for the use of Ask Online Lawyers LLP's Website, located at www.askonlinelawyers.pk.

By accessing this website we assume you accept these terms and conditions. Do not continue to use Ask Online Lawyers if you do not agree to take all of the terms and conditions stated on this page.

1. Definitions:

The word “You”, “Your”, “Yours” and “Yourselves” indicates the meaning of any individual or company or any legal entity who used the services of Ask Online Lawyers and creates the account as “user” or “expert” on Ask Online Lawyers. Whereby the word “I”, “we”, “our”, “ours”, “ourselves” and “us” indicates the meaning of Ask Online Lawyers. Wherein the “user” indicates the meaning of customer who asked the question and “expert” indicates the meaning of “Lawyer or Lawyers”.

2. Ask Online Lawyers Services are being as 3rd Party

The using of the services of Ask Online Lawyers are purely based on 3rd party in which Ask Online Lawyers is not a legal firm or legal consultancy company. Ask Online Lawyers only provide a platform between “Users” and “Experts” to connect them for legal advice or legal consultancy. Ask Online Lawyers is not responsible for any communications, information or advices convey or conveyed by the “experts” to “users” in any manners. Whereas the experts are not employees or agent of Ask Online Lawyers but they are individuals or companies providing services using the platform of Ask Online Lawyers to sell expertise, skills and understandings to the Users.

3. Refund Policy

Ask Online Lawyers wants to ensure “user’s” 100 percent satisfaction and experience. If at any point of disappointment, Ask Online Lawyers shall refund the 50 percent amount paid by the “user” by contacting on email on refund@askonlinelawyers.pk and we’ll refund the amount within 30 days to the “user” account.

4. Expert Answers

While using our services, you’ll have the opportunity to ask legal question online whereby the experts will respond you according to your legal question by chat, video call and audio call as per your satisfaction. The expert and user shall not exchange the cell numbers, emails, landline numbers or whatsoever without prior permission by the Ask Online Lawyers. 5. Initial connecting fee

The initial connecting fee shall be charged by the “user” of Rs. 1000/- via EasyPaisa, Mobi Cash and Visa Card for connecting the user with expert. For any clarification, reach to us on our email support@askonlinelawyers.pk

6. Privacy Policy

The “user” information shall not be disclosed with any individual, person, party, company and agency by Ask Online Lawyers or experts. The information convey by the user for any inquiry or any case or cases shall be secret and Ask Online Lawyers and Expert shall not disclose the particulars of case or cases and inquiry with any other individual, persons, company, legal entity and any agency while in light of provisions of Constitution of Pakistan.

7. Expert’s bar credential verification

When the expert wants to be the part of services of Ask Online Lawyers; the Ask Online Lawyers shall have reserved the right to verify the credential of bar license’s through concerning bar or issuing authority of license. Without prior verification by the respective bar, the expert profile shall not be approved by the Ask Online Lawyers. Furthermore, the expert shall not be able to respond the legal question of user unless the bar’s credentials are verified.

8. Telephone Call, SMS and Email content for awareness or Information

The user and expert when entering his/her cell number for signup at www.askonlinelawyers.pk agreeing and consenting to receive the Telephone Calls, SMS and Email by the Ask Online Lawyers whatsoever i.e. acknowledgement, information and awareness unless the service is unsubscribe by the user or expert.

9. Membership

The expert and user may obtain the membership by Ask Online Lawyers for using the unlimited services of Ask Online Lawyers in any term. The priority shall be given to the paid membership users or expert for seeking or using the services of Ask Online Lawyers. For clarification or information, reach to us by email at price@askonlinelawyers.pk

10. Act or omission by Expert

We are not responsible for any information, communication or advise conveyed the expert which is or may be used for offense, fraudulent or misrepresentation. If we found any information, the user and expert shall be blocked permanently. But they may arise their hands for appeal by email to us at support@askonlinelawyers.pk

11. User registration

The user shall be considered to agreeing on our terms and conditions when user make signup on Ask Online Lawyers while using the domain www.askonlinelawyers.pk